BIM Support
BIM Support

BIM Strategy Formulation

There is no “one size fits all” approach to BIM; the needs of every project and owner are different. To ensure you maximize the benefits of BIM, we objectively assess your intent, capability, and operation plan for BIM uses and implementation. We consider willingness of personnel to embrace a different type of project delivery—success with BIM has a direct relationship with the participants’ level of determination. We also estimate the costs and benefits of implementing BIM carefully, considering both the short term and the long term expenses. We then work closely with your company to align BIM capabilities and benefits with your business goals and priorities. Synectics will review the existing process and suggest the strategic planning of transitioning from existing workflow to BIM implementation. This includes an assessment of your organization’s strategy and workflow processes for successful technology integration. Our “BIM Roadmap” ensures all processes are aligned, perform seamlessly, and support your goals.
Adopting BIM requires careful planning. Our BIM implementation plan helps you seamlessly integrate BIM into your workflow. We work closely with you to develop a complete, step-by-step plan designed for your objectives, budget and resources. We establish a BIM framework and assist you with customization of BIM contents, standards, guidelines and support for all BIM project types. We provide complete project setup, including a thorough training program and ongoing guidance. We also specialize in implementing Autodesk BIM technology with architects, engineers, contractors, and owner/operators. We cover the entire project lifecycle, helping you address your organization’s unique BIM needs. Our BIM implementation services include:
  • BIM Execution Planning
  • BIM Model Authoring
  • BIM Process Management
  • BIM Model Compliance
  • BIM Scheduling & Support
  • BIM Training ; Education
  • Multi-disciplinary Optimization (MDO)

Templates & Content Creation

BIM Execution Planning

Maintaining a long-term, successful BIM strategy requires dedicated BIM management to troubleshoot issues, adhere to project benchmarks, and look for additional opportunities to utilize BIM. With Synectics, you can leverage our experts to set up and maintain your BIM practices. We provide program coordination, knowledge transfer, and training to realize expected benefits. We guide you through the business and process changes and technical challenges inherent in implementing and adopting BIM. Our BIM management enables you to focus on your core business while benefiting from best industry practices. We offer day-to-day assistance (e.g. quick answers to technical questions, content creation such as standards documentation and styles development, as well as configuration and deployment of software) as well as long-term assistance (e.g. evaluating BIM adoption rates in the firm). Our full services include:
  • BIM / CAD Management
  • Workflow and Process Definition
  • Project Mentoring
  • Production Assistance
  • Custom Training