SYNECTICS and DDG officially signed strategic partnership agreement
Post on 17 Nov 2015

Synectics officially informed to publication that the companies will sign strategic partnership agreement with DDG company -one of a well-know MEP company in the US on Nov 9th, 2015 at Synectics’s office. This corporation is promising to enhance the development for both companies in terms of market growth, exposure and services portfolio. Besides, it is expected to improve skills level for production teams through intensive training courses in Artchitect, Structure and MEP contributed by experts of Synectics and DDG.

However, the most important term of the agreement is to bring higher experience of service quality to customers while keeping the same or lower cost. By exploiting 24hrs production cycle together with high-skilled teams, the companies can not only assure the quality of product delivery but also can speed up the timeline and reduce the cost.

Mr. Bon Tran, CEO of Synectics, shared his view that “DDG is well-known MEP contractor in the US with more than 10 -year experience. Due to similarity of business philosophy and utilization of each party’s advantages, we expect to leverage our capacity to adapt market demands as well as reach out to bigger oceans”.

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