Synectics, Autodesk and Konia co-organized workshop “BIM for infrastructure”
Post on 10 Aug 2015

On August 04th 2015 at Pull Man Saigon Centre Hotel, Synectics in coordination with Autodesk and Konia –its authorized distributor in Vietnam co-organized a workshop “BIM for infrastructure”. The event hosted 70 attendees coming from leading companies in infrastructure industry, particularly in bridge and road field. The workshop also welcomed the participation of executives from HCMC department of transportation, management of urban rail…

The workshop concentrated on applying Building Information Modeling (BIM) on infrastructure projects in order to improve efficiency, profit and ROI.  During the event, the attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the experiences of BIM adoption in South East Asia, They can also question directly to speakers for any challenges in BIM adoption, for the benefits that BIM can bring to developers, designers and contractors. A part from holding the workshop, Synectics and Autodesk organized visits to enterprises to consult directly about BIM software implementation.

Attending the event, CEO of Synectics Consulting Corporation, Mr. Bon Tran shared his view: “the global economy has been recovering after its crisis and projects has been bouncing back to construction thanks to good financial backup. This also means that it is a tough time for enterprise due to intense competition in order to win on bidding. At this time, BIM plays important roles to increase enterprise’s competitiveness and profit, decrease wastes on all phases of project from design, construction to operation, maintenance… I think it is right time to apply BIM to exploit its outstanding benefits and it is also global trend and Vietnam will not stand out of this trend”.

Model BIM is widely used nowadays and becomes a necessary part in first phase of construction project. Many reports and researches affirmed the crucial roles of BIM in optimizing cost, shortening the construction schedule, reducing the errors in design and clashes in construction process…

In the proposal for new provisions of Construction law submitted to Congress and on decree of Ministry of Construction issued since 01/01/2015 suggest on applying BIM in construction projects. Ho Chi Minh Department of Transportation has already applied BIM in projects such as Sai Gon Bridge 2, Thu Thiem Tunnel, etc. According to Dr. Nguyen Viet Hung, Assistant to Dean of Construction Economic Institute stated: “Up to 2020, BIM usage is expected to be popular and become a standard part of all design-construction process and has been applied comprehensively”.

 In Vietnam, more and more developers, contractors, management consulting enterprises use BIM in their infrastructure projects such as Metro line 1: Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien, Metro line 2: Ben Thanh- Tham Luong, Sai Gon bridge 2, Vam Cong bridge, Thu Thiem turnel…

Below are some pictures of the event

Mr. Phan Trung Hieu - Chief Representative of Autodesk in Vietnam

Mr. Bon Tran - CEO of Synectics Consulting Corporation on his speech